the book of sin

Twelve months

Ten commandments 

Seven Sins 

One plan… 

On January 1 2016, author Jerry Hyde – ‘the most dangerous therapist in the world’ – set out on a year-long adventure into the murky underworld of Sin with one objective in mind… to save the world.

Join Hyde on an exhilarating journey through hope, despair, love and loss made all the more twisted by daily microdoses of psilocybin mushrooms.  Listen in on conversations with such disparate and at times desperate characters as national treasure Grayson Perry, tantric chieftain Shivam O’Brien, Mem the Mad Sufi and LSD blotter designer Kevin Barron.


The Book of Sin is not a self-help book.

It’s a do-it-yourself-help book.

Read on if you want a better understanding of how to live life by your own rules, and how to make the world a better, safer, richer and more peaceful place.

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