“Jerry’s a life-stirrer-upper, a really rare person that openly opposes the fucked up way the world is and actually DOES something about it – he’s a natural born killer of bullshit.

He’s a modern tribal leader trying to reinstate some sense of authenticity into teams of people that have lost it or never even had a glimpse of it in their entire lives. “

Sian – Singer and artist.

“Jerry has a way of weaving into each session assurance, safety and trust. This is an extremely rare quality.  I had tried other therapists before finding Jerry. I can assure you that there are a lot of ‘unfinished therapists’ out there.  Ones that try to live vicariously through their clients and ones that transfer their own issues onto the client.  This was very unhealthy and lead to utter confusion on top of my personal life traumas.

I believe strongly in following your instinct and the very first session I had with Jerry made me feel straight away that I could open up to him and he would not abuse this.  When I started my therapy journey, I literally couldn’t speak – I was not used to be listened to.  It was not without pain yet Jerry used his skills to guide me through these moments and I learned to listen to my own voice. I learned to speak.  This might sound crazy but when there is so much to say, it’s not easy to find a way of saying it.  Jerry also has a great sense of humor which helps enormously to put things straight again and to be true to yourself.

When appropriate during my journey with Jerry, he would mention relevant experiences from his own life and that served in assuring me that there was a way out of the chaos. It gave me hope and tipped the scale in my favour.

As a woman, I wanted to work with a man. For me this was ultimately important as a great deal of my pain was due to the extreme behaviour of men, therefore, I wanted the point of view of a man. I needed to know that what I grew up with was not the norm.  Jerry saw me safely through this with a very calm and sincere attitude that literally let me breath again.

I have worked with Jerry on and off for 10 years. During this time, I took several long breaks to let his wisdom, insight and sheer unselfishness do it’s work. I put the theory into practice.  Jerry has always been open to the way I see things and supportive of my creativity.  I cannot speak highly enough of his approach and commitment to his clients.  In my experience of finding the right person to do my journey with, I found that the ease with which he lets people speak and the genuine concern he has for your progress has been astonishing.  I know of friends who have tried to find the right person for themselves and have been damaged in the process.  I always recommend Jerry to them as I truly have not come across anyone else with such a sensitive and well paced commitment.

We now talk mostly about harnessing my creative side and Jerry’s life experience and input has been invaluable in this process.

Who would play Jerry in a film? No one! No one can match his approach!

Moira – Artist

“I am cautious about therapy and even more cautious about therapy ‘speak’. I consider myself to be a rational rather than spiritual type of person so if I were to read the text on Jerry’s website without knowing him I think my alarm bells would be ringing loud and clear – this is a bit ‘new age’ for my liking.

However I worked with Jerry for over ten years, first in individual sessions and then as a founder member of the first of his men’s groups. The positive changes I have experienced during this period have been profound and permanent and I find myself at a place in life that I could only have wished for previously. Jerry did not bring these about, I did, but I couldn’t have done it without the help of an exceptional mentor.

Is it all a bit ‘culty’? It can be, but this is discussed openly and Jerry welcomes constructive criticism as part of the process. He is one of the most intelligent, articulate and perceptive people I know and unfailingly kind. I remain cautious about therapy and this approach is not for everybody, but for the right person I would recommend working with Jerry Hyde without hesitation.”

Dominic Murcott PhD – Musician and Educator

“Let’s face it I’m completely nuts… And Jerry is the only person I’ve ever worked with who’s as completely nuts as me.”

Sam, TV Director.

“I worked with Jerry for almost 6 years. Whilst I came to value him as a friend, his professional know-how ensured that our sessions were at times extremely challenging; if they hadn’t been, I wouldn’t have confronted some very difficult truths. I never doubted his support and came to trust him implicitly. Jerry finds a perfect balance between deep compassion and professional distance. He is terribly clever but never pompous, and introduces humour with impeccable timing. For anyone looking for an intuitive and interactive style of “therapy”, Jerry is the one. He brings you to the nub of the matter gently, but with assurance.”

Joanne, Curator/Garden Designer

“Working out of instinct, feeling and the heart Jerry doesn’t analyse me, he experiences me. Jerry seems to work out of the space where he really wants to be, interacting with people that he likes and believes he can help. That may seem selfish but a good therapist has to look after themselves first and foremost and Jerry’s genuine interest in and love for the people he works with is clear. He is sensitive and deeply caring but is always ready to challenge and disrupt, helping prompt the chaos or revelation that allows me to grow.

Robin, Investment Manager

“I’ve been in one of Jerry’s Mens’ Groups for twelve years and there’s a good reason I’ve stayed that long.  Jerry has created a completely safe atmosphere that is both supportive and challenging and he does it with a complete absence of any kind of wishy-washy counselor bullshit. He understands creative people like myself and is both immensely skilled and totally down to earth.”

John – Author.

“I didn’t really know what was going on when I came to see Jerry. A good friend of mine just said that I should. So I did. Since then I have become a much calmer person, recognising the ebbs and flows of my life and not freaking out when something doesn’t go how I want it And if I do – which of course I occasionally do – Jerry pretty quickly works out what’s really going on and we work out a way forward together. He’s not a ‘namby pamby’ therapist type, he’s much more nuts & bolts and gives practical help and advice. Through him, I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing and inspirational people – not least Jerry himself.”

Steve – Photographer.

“Jerry ’s Men’s Groups have been a fantastic source of support and
inspiration for me. They have made a hugely positive difference in
lots of ways – to both my work and personal life.”

Alasdair Inglis – Marketing Consultant.

“I think that the company of people who know you well, who’ve known you for years, who you can unburden yourself onto and who will unburden themselves onto you is, in my view, crucial for emotional well-being, I feel very lucky that the Men’s Group Jerry has put together provides me with all of this. It was not a group I relished the idea of joining, far from it, but now I consider it to be one of the most important things that I do.”

Dave – Internet Guru.

“Mr Hyde – what can I say about you and everything you do?  Before the weekend there was great resistance in coming to the venue – I was thinking what’s the point, another fucking workshop what difference will it make?  Oh boy how I was so wrong.  In all the years on my road to self discovery this was the most powerful one to date.  Saturday was the day I will never forget, it moved me tears, it touched my pain and released something deep within me which I am still processing.  I thank you for being in my life and everybody who participated because without any of you I would not of experienced this profound and powerful shift.”

Roberto Milani – The Gangster Shaman

“As a result of this group I’m much more comfortable and happy in the company of men – I find it a sanctuary of support and safety from which I am able to grow by taking daring leaps into the unknown, and it’s a privilege to watch and feel other men allowing themselves to be raw and vulnerable as they look for answers and meaning.”

Ben – Ofcom.

If you like this site then check out www.wpguru.co.uk – he’s the guy that helped me build it, and a pleasure to work with.